Monday, October 3, 2011

A summary of the Basque derby (2.B)

On Sunday there was a football match, Real Sociedad against Athletic Club (we wanted Real to win). This happened:

In the first time the Athletic´s football player Llorente scored a goal and it was very boring for us.

After, the Real´s player Iñigo Martinez scored a goal from the middle of the Anoeta stadium. And then, Griezman lost a goal.

The next minutes were very sad for Real Sociedad fans because Athletic scored a goal and in the last minutes we had been waiting for another score so that Real could win but, finally, Athletic de Bilbao won the match.

Beñat, Ainhoa and Lorena


Ann said...

Hahaha nice account of the match! ;)

Ane said...

Next year real will win, for sure!!!