Tuesday, October 4, 2011


On Sunday, in Anoeta; Real Sociedad and Athletic played a football match. It was a Basque derby. The worst thing of the match was that Athletic won Real Sociedad.

In the first half of the match Athletic played better than Real Sociedad and Fernando Llorente scored a goal. All Anoeta was very angry but they continued cheering up their team and the first half finished.

In the second half Real Sociedad started to play very well and Anoeta was very excited. Later, IƱigo Martinez scored a great goal! it was fantastic!

Finaly, Fernando Llorente scored another goal and Real Sociedad didn´t. The derby finished like this: 1-2 and Anoeta was sad.

That was all of the match.

Written by: Ane, Lidia, Endika and Jon

Posted by Jon Sese


jon said...

very good

Garazi said...

well done!!! ;)

Ainhoa said...

Great! :)

Garazi said...

Hi Ainhoa! I´m happy to see you here! do you like the pics?
I love them!!! ;)

Hackett said...
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Hackett said...

A very entertaining blog! Well done people! I will continue following your updates!
Could you write something about your country? What to visit? I have heart that the food is awesome! I must try it! I'm thinking about visiting your village.
I'm looking forward to seeing this blog's progress.
A fantastic idea!
See you!!

Garazi said...

Hello Hackett!Thank you for your comment!
We are going to prepare a post about Donosti and the Basque country very soon, and I hope you enjoy it!
Where are you from?
We are are willing to meet people from other countries!!!
Keep visiting us Hackett!
Do you have a blog?
See u!