Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hi students!

How are you doing? Are you enjoying the holidays? And the Carnival? Have you dressed up?

I guess so because some of you told me about your costumes before the holidays. 

As for me, I dressed up as a cat on Saturday. You know I love animals so on Saturday I felt like one of them!!! 

Here you are a pic of me and two of my lovely friends!!! 

What about you? Please, write a comment telling me about your costumes and about the things you do at Carnival. For example, do you eat Carnival Toasts? Do you do your costume yourself or do you prefer buying one? 

As you know, those who write a comment will get a positive mark!!!

Have fun!!! and, by the way, I want to congratulate Amaia Escribano for her 14th birthday!!! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMAIA!!! I hope you get many presents! you deserve them all! ;)



Anonymous said...

I dressed up as Sandy the main character of grease and i went with my friends to see the festival, I had a great timee!!
I hope you also had fun garazi:)

Minerva Serrano 2ºB

Amaia Escribano 2.B said...

Hi, Garazi!!
Thank you so muchh!! I'm really enjoying my birthday :D
About carnival:
I dressed up like a 'Tirolesa' on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but yesterday, I dessed up as KISS, the rock band (I was the cat too!). We've had a very good time.
I love carnivaaall!! :D

Garazi said...

Well done girls!!! I love Grease Minerva! it´s one of my favorite movies!!! And Amaia, I see you are having a great time! What a pity I can´t see pictures of you dressed up as Kiss, Grease... !!! ;)

Amaia Escribano 2.B said...

Don't worry, we'll show some pictures to you on Monday! Jajaja xD

Julia Blasco 2.B said...

Hi Garazi!
I had a great carnival weekend,
I dressed up as ladybug on friday, Satuday, Sunday and Tuesday. On MondayI dressed up as Little Red Riding
hood (caperucita roja)jajaja:)
I went to Tolsa with my friends on Sunday and on Monday and on Tuesday I went with my family:D
I love carnival too

Garazi said...

Very good Julia!!! I see you love dressing up!!!
See you on Monday!!! bye bye! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Garazi!
I had a fantastic carnival weekend.
On Friday and on Saturday I dressep up as a ladybug with my friends.
And on Sunday I went to ski!
It was fantastic!
I love carnivals, they are very funny!
Irati Mitxelena , 2.B

tamara sobrino said...

Hi garazi!!!!!
Im Tamara and my carnival
holidays have been great fut hat and participated in participated in a carnival and dancing out several sites of donosti for alza, trintxerpe...
well I'm late bye

Irene Navarro said...

hi Garazi:
On Saturday I dressed up as cow girl and on Sunday i went to Donosti with my friends dressed up as a bad pijama baby!
I hope you enjoy so much as me!

Lidia Alvarez 2.A said...

Hi garazi!
How its going?
Me, I danced in a "comparsa". Our dresses where very strange, but I enjoyed a lot!
We where dressed of the four seasons. It looked strange but it was beautiful, and we've won the first place in big "comparsas"!
I love carnivals! :D

Lidia Alvarez 2.A

Garazi said...

Very good Irati, Tamara, Irene and Lidia! positive points for you! Lidia, congratulations for winning the first price! I imagine your costumes were awesome!;)

Anonymous said...

Hii! Garasi your photo is very beautifool :)
jajaja bye bye!

Ander Aldai 2.B

Anonymous said...

Hi Garazi! I'm Iñigo matos :) the carnival is very beautiful !

Aritz Mendiluze said...

Hi Garazi,
I like carnival too.
My friends and I dressed up as cows but one friend dressed up as a shepherd. It was very funny.
next year, I would like to dress up as mike wasausky, one of the main characters of monsters INC.
thank you,
see you tomorrow.


Garazi said...

Ander! thank you very much! I'm glad you like the picture! But Iñigo and you should tell me about your costume or about what you did, don't be shy!
Aritz! very interesting comment! I like Mike wasauky, but dressing up as him must be really difficult! see u tomorrow! ;)

Anonymous said...

Garazi I don´t celebrate Carnaval because I went to Gavarnie Ski station whith my friends and I really like it.

Luis Aranzabal 2.A

Garazi said...

Very good Luis! Another positive for you! I imagine you are a great skier!!! ;)

ramon elduayen said...

I dressed up of a girl, I was beautiful, because I had lon hair (tacones)a dress...I went to it in Mcdonals it was very good day

Ramon Elduayen 2.B

amaia said...

Hello Garazi!
This carnival I dressed up to "mariquita" and "vagabundo". It was very funny because all the people, were looking to us. On Monday I went to Tolosa whit my friends. I think that this carnival have been very exciting, but the carnivals of next year will be better;)

Garazi said...

Great job Ramón and Amaia!!! positive points for you two too!!! ;)

Ainhoa Unzueta 2.A said...

Hi, Garazi.
On Friday I was ill, but on Saturday and Sunday I dressed up like a "Tirolesa". On Monday, we go to Tolosa and we dressed up as KISS. We love carnival, but the holidays are very short.

Garazi said...

Very good Ainhoa!!! I know the holidays are short, but don´t worry because Easter is round the corner! yuhuu ;)