Wednesday, May 16, 2012

THE MURDER by Ramon E.

Police: What time were you in the montain?

Mike: It was about nine o'clock in the morning, I was walking when I saw a man killing another man

Police: What did you see?

Mike: I saw the two men pushing each other and one of them took an arm and shot the other man

Police: What did he look like?

Mike: The murderer was very tall and he was wearing a very old T-shirt and trousers.

Police: Where there more people?

Mike: Yes, there were other people, but I didn't see them, because he was in the car, ah!, the car was very new, it was a big,dark Land-Rover. And the registration number was 1765 W H W

Police: Thank you. That's very helpful

 WRITTEN AND POSTED BY: Ramon Elduayen Etxabe Eizagirre Villafranca


Ander Aldai 2.B said...

Very beautiful and very interesting Ramon Elduayen Etxabe ;)
Garazi one positive for my eeeeeh!! ;)

Ander Aldai 2.B

Garazi said...

Very good Ander! of course, you've got a positive! Today we are going to publish more posts, don't worry! ;)