Tuesday, October 18, 2011


On saturday morning, at 10:00, I go to the beach with my Bodyboard and my friends. After the beach I go home and I have lunch with my family. After lunch I do my homework and I study a lot. After studying and doing my homework I watch TV and I have dinner. After dinner I watch the film on TV. On Sunday norning I study two hours. After I have lunch. Afetr the lunch I go to the beach for bodyboarding. After beach, I go home by bike. And I have dinner. After dinner I go to bed to sleep at 9:30p.m.

NAME: Aitor
DATE: Today
CLAS: The best

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daniel said...

Hi everyone.
My name is daniel and I'm from England.
I really liked your blog. all youth who salis in the photos and the bidet are spectacular.
A big hello from England here.
Call you again another day to make the odd comment.
Bye, Bey !!!!!