Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hi students!

Are you having fun this weekend? I hope so!

Today I want you to write something about animals you like and love!
I don´t have any pets but I love most animals, except for bugs. Yes, I know they are necessary for the well-being of the environment, but, to be honest, I find them quite nasty! ;) 

Some animals I love are bunnies, I think they are awesome! don´t you think so?
They are really soft and little and they don´t make any noise, which is great!

Here you have a vid of two cute bunnies! they are sooooo lovely!!! ;)

And what about you? do yo have any pets? If so, send a comment telling me about them and If you don´t have any you can write some lines about animals you find interesting and lovable and pets you would like to have.

Remember, you have till wednesday to send your comments and get positive points!  

See u tomorrow!

Garazi :)


Amaia Escribano 2.B said...

Hi Garazi!
I like too a lot of animals, but, I love dogs. They are the human's best friends! The dogs are so lovely, but I haven't got it! I had tortoises, fishs and birds. I want a dog, but my parents no, so, I can't have. :(

Garazi said...

Very good Amaia! I agree with you, dogs are great friends, and they never let you down! I understand why your parents don't want you to have a dog, you already have a lot of animals at home! ;)
See u later! I'm in my way to Donosti!

Anonymous said...

Animals aren´t in the list of the things that I love, but I can´t say that I hate them. If I have to choose one I choose little dogs. They are sweet and they like to play with other dogs or people. I had three turtles and maybie I will have a dog in the future.
Irene Navarro 2.A

Garazi said...

Well done Irene! I also like puppies! You know, we have a really large one in Bilbao, in front of the Guggenheim museum! Ijijiji actually, it is a sculpture made of flowers, but is wonderful! You should visit it and take some pics!

Marina Rey said...

I love the animals,overcoat the cats and the dogs.I love the dogs smalls because I play with its. I haven't got any cats or dogs. I had a bird but it to die.
I good like to have a duck. I love it!
Marina rey!

Anonymous said...

I love animals, but now I haven't got any. Last year I had two fishes. They were orange. When I was eight, I had one bird, it was yellow. His name was "Hori". I really like horses and dogs. They are very friendly. I hate tortoises, they are horribles! They aren't very nice.
I´ll have a dog with eighteen years, it's my dream!
Irati Mitxelena, 2.B

Anonymous said...

I love animals, I had a bird, one fish and two tortoises.
My favourite animal is the dog but I don´t going to buy because I didn´t have a garden. I like hamsters too they are very funnies.
Good bye ;D

Garazi said...

Very good Marina, Irati and... Mishel...?
Mishel, you've forgotten to write your name, I guess it's you because you've told me in class that you have many animals!
See u tomorrow girls!

Ander Aldai said...

Hi Garazi:
Now I don´t have any pets, because when I was a little boy I have some fishes, but I don´t look after them every day.
But I like a lot of animals:
-Dogs, Cats, Horses, Pigs...
But my parents don´t like pigs at home and I don´t understand. Why???


Ander Aldai 2.B

Garazi said...

Very good Ander! A positive for you!
I have sime neighbours who have a Vietnamese pig as a pet, it is black and they have called him Obama ijiji
, very funny, but it's true!

Bye bye! ;)

eneko said...

hello garazi i have a fhis in my home
and is decolor orange and my fish home is a fishtank.

Ane said...

Hello Garazi:
Now I have a dog in house he is called Nika and is of the race pincher miniature,
His hair is of brown color and she likes to play very much with his ball.

Ainhoa said...

Hello Garazi:
I have a white dog, his eyes are of brown clear color and he is called Eskubi. It is a mixture between Basque shepherd and other one that not which is.
Also, I have a tortoise called Apso, and it is of flowery and only he eats meat.

Ainhoa Unzueta

Garazi said...

Great comments Ane, Eneko and Ainhoa!!!
I can see you love animals, which is great!!! ;)

Garazi said...
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Beñat said...

Hi Garazi:
I'm sure that you'll think that it is very strange but I love sharks. I love them because they are beautiful and enormous. And because they are very interesting for me.

By Beñat 2.B

Julia Blasco said...

Hello Garazi:
I love a lot of animals.I love the horses, because they are beautiful animals and riding is very fun. I like the dogs, because they are a very friendly animals, and they are a good friends.I don´t have any pets in my house, because it is very small. Byee!

Julia Blasco Aramburu 2.B

Anonymous said...

i have a black dog, he is small but it is very naughty, he is called Tor.He likes playing with her bal.

Aitor Cocho 2.A

Anonymous said...

hello grazi i love the animals. i like the cats and horse but i prefer dog. the dogs are very beutiful animals.

But i prefer have my two brothers at pets!!

Ander Abrego 2.A

ramon elduayen said...

I like the animals,I like the dogs, fishes... When I was young I had 3 fishes. One of them dead the first day, because I give them a lot of food, but the other 2 dead when they had about 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Hi Garazi! I love animals too. I have one dog, it's Pastor Aleman, yes, like Rex. It's called Eske, it's very beautiful, one day i can bring one photo for you.
Give me a positive point! Lorena :)

Garazi said...

Very good!!! Beñat, Julia, Aitor, Lorena, Ramon!!! keep working!!!
I will give you the results of your exams on Monday!

Garazi said...

Very good!!! Beñat, Julia, Aitor, Lorena, Ramon!!! keep working!!!
I will give you the results of your exams on Monday!

Anonymous said...

my favourite pet is a snake,although I havent misterious pet and rarely,I have a birds but is not interesant, always talking pio pio pio...
is very boring but its my birds and i love them.would be nice to have a snake.



ekaitz castillo 2.A

tamara sobrino 2.b said...

HI GARAZI!!!!! Im tamara i like animals, i like dogs , tortoise , fishes , horse ... i have a six fishes, one dog and three bird (perikitoak)
my dog is a ratonero con mezkla the "coker" my dog is a bery biutifal animal and her name is Yako .


minerva said...

Well i don´t have any pets y would like to have a puppy but i can´t i conform with my uncle´s dog hes big but he is good and friendly y also like horses and dolphins there great
A hug!

mikel gaton said...

I like some animals but I hate the bugs because there are ugly. I prefer the dragons because they can launch fire by they´re mouth. Hehehe there are very funny!

Lidia 2.A said...

Hi Garazi!! ;)I love animals. I want to have one dog in my house but my parents don't let me :( I've got a bird called Pepe but it doesn't do anything. I like cats too! but i don't like when they hit you
See you Garazi;)
Written by Lidia Alvarez 2.A

Garazi said...

Well done Ekaitz, Tamara, Mikel, Minerva and Lidia!!!! positive points fo you!!!
Tamara! my boyfrind´s dog is also called Yako! what a coincidence!
I can see some of you have birds! ijiji I love th name you´ve chosn for you bird Lidia, Pepe is a funny name !!!!

Have fun students!!! ;)


Hi Garazi!!!!!!
I´m Ainhoa
I love animals I have three dogs but my dad will not let me have more a nimals.
My mother has a dog grooming I also like the Urones is not a very common animal to have a maskot.
Urones but three had four sold them and the mother died.
i like fishes, tortoes, horses......
please put me a une positive
Bye,Bye Garazi.



I love animals, but I haven´t got any pet. when I was joung I had two birts.
My favourite animals is the bear and pet the dog, Golden retiever expecialy.