Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I think that the world's population will be bigger, and that will be a problem because if we don't protect the enviroment we won't have any water or rainforest. The weather will be hotter because CO2 is destroying the ozono layer.
Schools will exist because it doesn't matter what they say about studying with computers, schools are built to disturb us, so they won't dissapear.
Transport will be a problem if we don't stop inventing new cars. They want people to use the bus, but then they sell new cars.

The spacbe will be our new victim. we will destroy the Earth and then we'll go to the space to destroy another planet, that will be a disaster! We'll destroy all the space until all the spaces die.
We are building a new future to destroy it!
What do you think?
We are doing future plans for the world to be better, while we destroy the present. Why don't protect the world now and forever? 

This is my prediction about change:
If we change now, we won't destroy the future.
So, start the change with little things because 1+1 is 2, but the world + you is millions of
people protecting life. How can we protect the future if we don't protect the present?

Written by: Irene Navarro


Garazi said...

I think we all should follow your advice and start taking care of the planet seriously! At least I´m happy because you and your classmates like recycling and protecting the environment! ;)

See you Irene! And congratulations for your amazing writing!

Ane Miren said...

Amaizing!!! Well done Irene!!! I agree with you. Thanks to youngsters like you the future will be brilliant.

amaia cerdán, 2.B said...

Very beautiful blog Garazi ! you are the funniest teacher ! but we have to do more fluently videos and photos because we enjoy it;)


Garazi said...

Thank you very much Amaia! I´m glad you like our blog!!!On Monday I will post an incredible video made with many of the videos we shot in class!!! See u! ;)))