Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Maxi Iglesias by Ander Aldai

His name is Maximiliano Teodro Iglesias.
He was born on the 6th of February in 1981.
His job is to be an actor. A character that he did is "Cabano" it representes a teenager from a high school.
He has a house in Alicante.
When he was younger he was a little bit naughty at school. He used to throw his classmates' pencilcases through the windows.
I have chosen this charcter because I like "Fisica o quimica".
I like "Fisica o quimica", because this series is fantastic.
Do you like "Fisica o quimica"?

Written and posted by: Ander Aldai Sanchez Agirretxe Yabar


Ane Miren said...

No, I don't like Física y Química. It's very awful and dirty!!!

Garazi said...

Thank you for your comment Ane! but be careful! AWFUL is an ungradable adjective so you cannot use VERY with it. Instead, you can say ABSOLUTELY AWFUL, if you want to emphasize the meaning of the adjective.