Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hi students!

How are you doing? I guess you are feeling great knowing that a long weekend is waiting for you!

So, as I don´t want you to get bored, here you are some easy task to do in exchange of positive points!

I imagine you all love music, but, I´m sure not all of you like the same kind of music, the same singers, songs and so on.

Why don´t you write a few lines about a song you find amazing, a group or a singer?

Then, I will take your comments into account and I will try to prepare listening activities with those songs you like most, I think this can be fun!

Now, I leave you the song we listened to on Monday in class 2.B and that we are going to listen to today in class 2.A. WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL is a rather new song, by a boy band called ONE DIRECTION. This is a really positive song that can cheer us up in these gloomy days! don´t you think so?

Enjoy it!!!

And remember, if you want positive points write a comment on this post telling me about a song, a group or a singer you like!!! You´ve got till tuesday for that! ;)

Have fun!



Ander Aldai 2.b said...

Hi Garazi:
My favourite song is a Hot sun because is hip-hop and are very beautiful

Garazi said...

Very good Ander, the first positive point is for you! but, why don't you tell me who sings it, this way I will be able to check it on youtube! have fun! bye bye

Anonymous said...

Hi Garazi:
I haven´t got any favourite song.
I think pop music is very funny, and I like hip hop music too.
I love Justin Bieber´s songs like " Born to be somebody" , "Mistletoe" and " All I want for christmas is you".
I also like David Guetta´s and Dani Martin´s songs.
Julia Blasco Aramburu.

Anonymous said...

Hi Garazi:
My favourite song is "Only girl in the world" by Rihanna.
It's a love song and I love it. But no only this, also like more.

Amaia Olazabal 2A

Garazi said...

Great job Amaia and Julia!!!
Amaia, I find Rihanna´s "We found love", her new single, amazing! I don´t get tired of listening to it over and over again!
Julia, I also like David Guetta! and some songs by Justin Bieber too! "All I want for Xmas" is a great one and we are going to do an activity with it in class before Xmas break!

Enjoy your weekend!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Garazi!
My favourite song is One Love- Bob Marley because I love reggae , but sometimes I listen Hip hop,I listen reggae music when I'm happy. It is a good song to listen at our class because it will relax the beasts. Jajaj. Bye! Aritz Mendiluce 2.B

Garazi said...

Very good Aritz!!! That´s a good song! I hope our beasts get relaxed, though it seems quite difficult!!!

Have fun and enjoy good music!!!


ramon said...

Hi Garazi:
I haven´t got a fauvorite song and I like all music styles, but I like basque music, I think that it is beautifull

Ramon Elduayen 2.B

Anonymous said...

Hi garazi I like a song and woul´d like you to listen to it, it´s called pure and the team is lighting seeds I hope you like it
Minerva Serrano

amaia cerdán, 2.B said...

hi garazi! my favourite singer is justin bieber and his songs are my favourite songs. you have to listen all I want for critsmas is you . this song is very beautifull :)


Amaia Escribano 2.B said...

Hi Garazii!!
I love listening to music, I think that in some moments, you need listen to music; to relax, to motivating, to be calm...
There are a lot of kind of music, but I love ROCK N' ROLL!
When I was young, I was listening Guns n' Roses and Fito & Fitipaldis because my parents loved them, they are fantastic!
Now, I'm still listening to them, but I also listen to Green Day, Sum 41, ColdPlay... More of rock, I prefer punk; my favourite bands are punk rock and punk pop (Avril Lavigne) so...
That's it!
See you tomorrow :)

Irati Mitxelena 2.B said...

I really like pop music por example lady gaga. I like hip hop too. I hate classical music, it′s very boring! I love music in general and that why I play the saxophone. My favourite group is maldita nerea and my favourite songs are:stereo hearts, good feeling and we found love.

Garazi said...

Very good Ramon, Minerva, Irati and both Amaias!!! positive points for you all!!! Ramon, I also like basque music, I love "Zure doinua" by Lor! Minerva I have to check out your song because I have never listened to it! I also like We found love Irati! Amaia, I have already listened to ALL I want for Xmas is You, beautiful song! and Amaia, I agree with you, music can be motivating, relaxing... great!!!

See you tomorrow!


Lidia Alvarez 2.A said...

Hi Garazi ;)
I also enjoy listening to music! I usually listen Pop music like Rihanna and Lady Gaga. One of my favorites song is The Age of Glory of Lady Gaga!! listen it ! it's great.
See you tomorrow :)

Lidia Alvarez 2.A

Garazi said...

Well done Lidia! I also like Lady Gaga but I prefer songs such as Alejandro or Born this way rather than The age of Glory!
See u tomorrow Lidia!
bye bye! ;)

gerardo colindres said...

Hi garazi,
I like many the rap,tekno, and te 70s music but this song represents what I like, rap, basketball, sports, well I leave you the link
Gerardo Colindres 2.B

Garazi said...

Very good Gerardo! I will check the song but not now... It is very late and I need to get some sleep!

I see you have created a blogger profile! great idea!!!

See u on Monday! and we are going to celebrate that Xmas are round the corner!!!!