Monday, January 30, 2012

My friend is not a friend!!! (by Ekaitz Castillo)

When I was young, I went to a house in England, the house was not near the village and it was scary, its windows were broken and when I crossed the giant door it gave me chills. We put everything right and we went to have dinner and sleep, at night the house was making strange noises but I wasn't scared. 
When I went to sleep I saw something pass by the window, I got out of bed and went to see, it was strange!!! I didn't see anything.

The next day my sister disappeared, and after 3 months, I decided to leave that town forever. My parents died the next day, and know I am an ORPHAN!!!

When they took me to the orphanage, I told them that we someone had followed us, kidnapped my sister, and killed my parents not to be alone.
I do not know what to do...

Written and posted by: EKAITZ CASTILLO


Garazi said...

ijijiji you´ve got a great imagination Ekaitz!!!!! ;)

Ane Miren said...

I' m afraid!!!