Monday, January 30, 2012

The Murderer House (by Beñat)

I woke up and I saw that I was in a dark room. I was on a bed and there were four people next to me. My left leg hurted a lot, so I looked if I was injured and I saw that there was a note nailed. I took away The nail with the note painfully from my bleeding leg and I read the note.

Hello, Beñat,

I'm Mr. X and I want you to play a game, you only have to exit from this house for saving your life, but there are some rules:

- Only a person will come home of the house.
- You can't kill anybody, because if you do that you'll die.

Good luck,

Mr. X

When I read the note I got frightened, I didn't know who was anyone and I didn't want to die.

While I was reading again the note, the rest of the people woke up and read their notes. After that they looked among them and then they looked at me. One of them asked me:

- Where are we?
- I don't know - I answered - But we have to find the exit.

When I said that, one of them, a blonde girl opened the door and a gun appeared and killed herself. I got even more frightened.

The rest of the people were also scared. There was an old man who was screaming, a strong man who was looking to the dead girl surprised, and a pretty woman who looked very rich that was laughing.

I looked at the pretty woman and I asked her why she was laughing:

- Oh I laugh because she is dead.
- What? do you think it's funny?
- Yes, I do.

I looked at her with surprise thinking that she was crazy but I had to finish the game so I continued, the others followed me.

We arrived to a very big room and a person appeared. He ran to the strong boy and he exploded. Now, we only were two, because the explosion also killed the old woman. We continued and we arrived to a kitchen, a giant kitchen. It was very old


Garazi said...

Beñat! on Monday you have to finish posting your terror story! I don´t want to leave our readers intrigued with an unfinished story.... ;) See u!

Ane Miren said...

I will read the end...for sure!!! It's interesting!!!