Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My favourite TV programme is an American series called "How I met your mother". I like it because is so funny and the stories are great. I also think that it's interesting.

In the series, Ted Mosby talks to his daugther and his son about how he met their mother, obviously. He explains what he and his friends (Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney) did when they lived in New York.

In my opinion, the best character is Barney Stinson. I like Barney because he is a womanizer and he says a lot of things that make me laugh; one example is: "It's going to be LEGEN **wait for it** DARY, LEGENDARY!"

It is the best TV programme in the world!

By: Amaia Escribano

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Garazi said...

Well done Amaia!!!! I´m willing to watch this series!!! it must be hilarious!