Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DANBORRADA DAY ( by Oier Uruburu)

This Friday is San Sebastian's day and people go to the street playing drums.
We don't go playing drums. We go with our friends and in one place we meet more friends.
We like a lot danborrada because we don't have school and we meet new friends.

Written by Oier uruburu, Jon sese, Maialen Ugarteburu, Eneko Valbuena and Endika Rodriguez

Posted by Oier Uruburu


Anonymous said...

dis blogger is bery beatefull
bi xd
jjajajaqjajj xd xd xd xd jajajja

Garazi said...

You are doing great! I hope you keep on this way!!!

Garazi said...

thank you very much!!! yes, this blog is amazing!!! but just because my students are so!!! :)