Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

We like Valentine's Day a lot, why? We don't know but we spend time with people we love and we have fun.
When we go outside, we see in shops a lot of decorations of this day. All the shops are decorated in red and some pink too! Also the flower shops are decorated and they sell a lot of roses: red, white and pink roses (they are so cute!) 
In our city not everybody enjoys this celebration, they reckon that's an american stupid celebration, some people also think that's a comercial celebration that the americans do to make money.
But, we love it!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted by Ainhoa 


Garazi said...

All of you are doing a great work! I'm happy!!! ;)

Ane Miren said...

I like Valentine's Day. However, I prefer the posts that all of you write in this blog, amazing!!!