Wednesday, February 15, 2012

saint valentine's (L)

Today is a very special day. It's the 14th of February, Saint Valentine's Day. It's a lovely day; love's day.

All the couples celebrate it together . The boyfriends buy roses for their girlfriends. And the girlfriends buy sweets and a book. 

At night the couples go to a restaurant and have dinner together . The presents are very original. For example, they travel to Paris, the city of love, to Italy or London. They do adventure sports like parachuting... Some people propose to their couple to get married. 

We like Saint Valentine's day because it is a lovely day!!! :)

By: Amaia Cerdan, Julia Blasco, Irati Mitxelena and Marina Rey .

Posted by Amaia


amaia cerdán, 2.B said...

puajajajajaja very funny the photo ;)


Garazi said...

Yes, you all look gorgeous!!! ;)