Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My future

I'm Julia. I'm going to speak about the future.
I think the world will be very different. I think the world's population will be bigger. People will live under the sea, at some strange houses. Children won't go to school, I think they will study at home, with computers.I think life will be happier. 
The transport will be different too. I think people will travel by buses and mini-submarines.The streets won't exist, there will be tunnels under the sea, and people will walk inside them.
They won't pollute the environment because they will recycle everything.
The weather won´t be hotter because the global warming will dissapear.
PD: Yes, it's my perfect future!

Written by: Julia Blasco Aramburu 2.B

1 comment:

Garazi said...

Great job Julia! But I wouldn´t like a World without schools, because then what would I do? I´m a teacher and I do need schools and happy children willing to learn a lot!!! ;)