Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This is my class! (2.A)

My name is Irene Navarro and I study in Zubiri-Manteo high school. My class is 2.A and we are twenty one people.
The best friend that I got in my class is Amaia: She is new in Manteo, but I knew her before she came. She is a nice and a funny girl and I hope we are in the same class the next year.
Our class is  really funny, because we have got very funny people in it, but teachers say that we are a problematic class and that it is impossibe to work with us. Oier Uruburu is the funniest boy in this class, because he is always happy and making us laugh.
In our class there aren´t only funny people we got inteligent people too. A great example is Luis:
He studies a lot and he is also a good friend.
Another example is Lidia: she is always trying to be a better student and a better person.
This was the writting about my class, a funny and great class. I love it and I wouldn´t change it for anything!

Written by: Irene Navarro


Garazi said...

nice post!!!
Do you like the pictures?
all of you look gorgeous on them!!!

ANE from barakaldo said...

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