Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here we are!!! ;)

2.A students!!! on PhotoPeach

2.B students!!! on PhotoPeach


amaia iturri said...

We love your post and you all look fantastic!

Garazi said...

Thanks for your comment Amaia!

Garazi said...

Hi Amaia! I´ve been trying to write a comment on your blog but when I clicked "publish your comment" it was removed and did not appear as sent. :( I´m sorry, that´s why I´m writing to you here.

Minerva has told me that you are her aunt and that you live in Australia. What a surprise! our blog has followers from all over the world!that´s great news!

She has also told us that you are an artist and, if the painting shown in your blog is done by you, I´m sure you are a great one!

Do you know any blog by students from an australian high-school? It would be awesome to contact them and exchange opinions and improve our english with students from a country that is so far away from us!

Thank you very much Amaia! I hope Minerva prepares a post about you and your paintings soon!