Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My class 2ºB

Hi my name is Minerva, and today I´m going to tell you about my class and my school.
I hope you like it!
My school is in San Sebastián, in Gros, it is next to or opposite the health care centre and near Zurriola beach. It is a big school and it has a big playground too.
It has 3 floors, the first floor has the canteen, the information point, the library, the thecnology class and it also has the toilets.
The second  floor is my floor and it has a lot of classrooms and two toilets. And the last floor is for the teachers, and the ones that are in third and fourth grade.
My class is a big class, it has 23 desks, some bookcases and a whiteboard. In my class there are 4 big windows and from them we can see Zurriola beach.
My classmates are fantastic, nearly all of the boys do skate and all the girls do hip-hop.We like talking a lot and specially to those like me.
My favourite subjet is English because is the best thing I do.
The difficult one for me is Basque so I have to study a lot.
I like my class a lot because they´re fantastic.
And the teachers too!!!

Written by: Minerva Serrano


Garazi said...

Great post!

Garazi said...

We´ll publish a new post with new pics on Monday!!!
but you first post has been really interesting!!! ;)
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