Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Treason! by Amaia E.

Miss. Swan arrives to police officer's office.

—Hi, Mr. Watson.

+Hello, Miss. Swan, sit down, please. So, you were at school when the graffiti was painted, weren't you?

—Yes, I was at school, but I saw it all.

+It's OK, if you know who sprayed it, tell us.

—I don't know their names, they aren't studying at my school now, but they probably studied there.

+How old were they, more or less?

—One was about 20, and the other, about 25.

+OK, what were they like?

—The youngest was the tallest too, and he had curly, fair hair and a tattoo on his leg.

+Do you know what was in the tattoo?

—Yes, the tattoo was a red heart with a name, but I couldn't see what name was it.

+It's alright. And the oldest?

—He was a bit shorter thanbthe first. He had short, smooth, dark hair and I could see his beautiful, green eyes. +Was he beautiful, Miss. Swan?

—Oh, yes! He was! He was so well-built too.

+OK, don't fallin love, he's a criminal.

—(Looks the watch) Oops, it's too late, I've got to go, bye!

+Goodbye, and thanks for the information.

—Not at all. ... After the interrogation, Miss. Swan arrives to Gale's house.

—Hi, Gale, what's going on?

•Hey, nice to see you again! How goes the interrogation?

—It was quite easy. They will never know that they were you, I've confused them.

•What did you say?

—You will never know.

+Put your hands on your head, now! You shouldn't trust Miss. Swan, Gale, she's a police too. We knowthat you've been listening to the interrogation, and now, you're arrested. What you say may be used against you.

•You..., you've betrayed me! —Oh, dear, like is unfair. (; And this is how the police and Miss. Swan caught Gale.

 Written and posted by: Amaia Escribano, 2.B

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