Monday, May 28, 2012

Musical Survey by Amaia Escribano

Hi! I've done a survey about music to 10 of my friends; I only asked two questions, so here we go: Who is your favourite singer?
Chris Martin (1) 
Freddie Mercury (1) 
Axl Rose (1) 
Boyce Avenue (1) 
Xabi Solano (1) 
Unknown (4) 

Most of them didn't know who is their favorite singer, because they listen to so many singers and they couldn't choose. One of them said that Steven Tyler (from Aerosmith) has the world's best voice, but the person who said that her favourite singer is Freddie Mercury (from Queen) said the same, so you can decide it. Then, I have to say that I never heard about Boyce Avenue, but he's one of my friend's favourite! 

What instrument that you don't play would you like to? 
Battery (1) 
Harmonica (1) 
Clarinet (1) 
Piano (3) 
Guitar (4) 

The majority of them want to learn playing guitar, and it is followed by the piano ( I want to learn playing piano too, but I didn't do the survey). Then, the harmonica and the clarinet have surpristed me, I didn't think about them until those friends told me that they wanted to play them. 

So, that's it! I hope you like it. 

Written and posted by: Pizka

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