Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our interview with Mailen Escribano, PART 1

Last Monday, 14th November, Amaia Escribano´s sister, Maialen, came to Manteo and visited our class. Maialen is 22 and has studied journalism in Barcelona, where she is currently living and studying a master´s degree.

As we wanted to know more about the job, studies and life of this amazing girl, we prepared some questions for her and played the role of interviewers with great success!

You can enjoy our interview and the pictures we took with her here:

Mattin: Do you like your job? Do you travel a lot?

Maialen: Actually, I haven’t started working yet, I’m doing a master in Girona, to specialize in Radio. And, no, I don’t travel a lot.

Tamara: Have you ever met a famous person?

M: Yes, Rafa Nadal. I made him an interview for one of my subjects at university. He is really nice.

Aitor: What was your first job?

M: I worked in Don Huevone when I was 18.

Amaia C.: what age were you when you started studying your degree?

M: I was 18.

Sara: What are you studying now?

M: I’m studying a master on Radio and, apart from that; I’m improving my English and Italian.

Julia: Have you studied abroad?

M: Yes, I did an Erasmus and I spent 6 months in Pisa, Italy.

Ainhoa: Do you have a husband?

M: No, I don’t, and, by the way, I don’t believe in marriage.

Ander: why have you studied journalism?

M: Well, when I was seven, all I wanted to be was a hairdresser. But, then, there was a lice crisis in school and I changed my mind and became interested in journalism.

Irati: Do you think university is very difficult?

M: No, if you choose what you like it isn’t difficult. I think you should study something you like.

Gerardo: do you get on well with your sister Amaia?

M: Yes, I have a very good relationship both with my sister and my brother.

Anthony: Would you like to appear on a TV programme?

M: I prefer radio, that’s why I am studying for that, but I wouldn’t mind.

Ramon: Do you identify yourself with Sara Carbonero?

M: No, I don’t. she works on TV and I prefer radio.

Minerva: Inside the world of journalism, which is your favourite field: spots, interviews, gossip or the news?

M: I prefer the news, which are objective or also something related to culture and art. I don’t like the field of entertainment, that’s not journalism, it’s just for fun.

Asier: Who is your favourite journalist?

M: I haven’t got one. Maybe my aunt, who is a journalist and works on ETB.

Beñat: What are your hobbies?

M: Listening to music, going to the cinema and going out with my friend.

Mikel: When you were a child, did you want to be a journalist?

M: No, as I have explained before, at first I wanted to be a hairdresser.

Marina: How did you feel when you went to Barcelona?

M: I felt great, I was very happy and made friends really soon.

Aritz: Do you have time to meet your friends?

M: My friends in Barcelona yes, but the ones in Donosti not. For example, I arrived yesterday and I only had time to meet one and today I’m going back to Barcelona.

Lorena: When you were at high school, where you a good student?

M: Yes, I was and I had a great time here.

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