Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our interview with Maialen Escribano, Part 2

Minerva: Do you like Sálvame?

M: No, and I don’t consider it journalism at all.

Mattin: Do you like the idea of doing a blog?

M: Yes, I think it is a good idea because you can write your own articles.

Minerva: Which subjects do you study at university?

M: Every year we have subjects about TV and radio, but also about politics, economy, law or sociology.

Gerardo: If you could go back in time, would you choose this school to study?

M: Yes, of course.

Beñat: Imagine they offer you a job in NY, would you go there?

M: Yes, for sure!

Mattin: If you were an animal, which one would you like to be?

M: A pig, I think they are cute!

Aritz: When you were studying in Manteo, did you like the food?

M: Nooo, I hated it, it is disgusting.

Ander: Do you like Justin Bieber?

M: No.

Mattin: Which weather do you prefer? The one in BCN or in Dononsti?

M: I don’t know, in BCN is a little cooler than in Donsoti, but they are very similar.

Irati: What is your favourite sport?

M: I like football, but just to watch it. I also like dancing. I’ve been dancing for 13 years.

Mattin: What kind of music do you like?


Minerva: Is it difficult to find a job in the world of journalism?

M: Yes, but the same happens in every field. We are in crisis.

Ramon: Do you think pretty girls have more opportunities?

M: Yes, and even more when it is for TV.

Amaia C.: Do you prefer studying here or in BCN?

M: I prefer BCN because the university there is more prestigious. As for the price, it is the same as both are state universities.

Mattin: Do you have a house in BCN?

M: No, I have rented one with two friends of mine.

Marina: When I grow up I would like to be a journalist, do you recommend it?

M: Yes, of course. Now I have applied for a job in a radio station, in 40 principales, in order to get experience.

Ramon: Do you have to study a lot?

M: Not so much as in other degrees. The books are not very thick but you have to study and work.

Mattin: How do you communicate with your family?

M: We use the Internet, for example, skype, tuenti, facebook… And also whatsapp.

Lorena: In the future, where would you like to live?

M: In Donosti.

Minerva: Who would you choose first, someone with a degree or someone without a degree?

M: Somebody who has a degree, but there are also very prepared people without any degree.

Amaia C.: Which is your favourite season?

M: I love summer, because you are on holiday. But I also like winter, because it is cooler.

Ander: Who is your favourite singer?

M: I don’t have a favourite one but now I like listening to Katamalo. They sing poems.

Amaia C: Do you like Greenday?

M: Yes.

Gerardo: If you could work with a famous person, who would he/she be?

M: I like a journalist who used to work as a TV presenter in Teleberri.

Ramon: Which is your favourite subject?

M: Radio, because you have a lot of practice.

Lorena: And at high school?

M: Maths.

Minerva: Do you consider Tony Aguilar a good professional?

M: Yes, for music programmes, he is very nice.

Gerardo: When you were at this school, the rooms were the same as today?

M: Yes, almost the same. Except for the curtains and the whiteboard.

Amaia C: Who do you get on well best, your brother or sister?

M: Now better with my sister because my brother is 17 and is behaving a little bit badly.

Ainhoa: Do you do any sport?

M: No, I wanted to enrol in the gym but it was full.

Lorena: Did you like when Amaia was born?

M: Yes, it was like a present for me because my birthday is a day before she was born.




2.B students and Garazi


Anonymous said...

Garazi put our halloween photos in the blog please
The 2ºB ones

Maialen said...

It was fun to be interviewed! Thanks to all of you :)

Garazi said...

Thank you very much Maialen!!!! ;)

yes minerva.... I will post the pics, promised!