Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hi students!

How are you doing? Are you enjoying the holidays? I hope so! 

What are you doing these days? Are you visiting new places or are your staying in Donosti?

And what about Easter traditions? Do you like processions? And Easter eggs? 

Easter eggs are specially decorated eggs that are given out to celebrate the Easter holiday. 

Have you ever decorated Easter eggs? If not, here you are a short video explaining how to do it easily: 

Apart from Easter, eggs are also used to welcome springtime and its flowers, which is something I love! 

The gardens in my neighborhood are already packed with blossoming flowers! and I have shot a video so that you can see them ;) 

Now, if you want to get more positive points, write a comment telling me about your plans for Easter and your opinions about Easter traditions such as egg painting

Write comments and enjoy these days!!!

See you soon!



Anonymous said...

Hi garazi I am having great easter holidays, until wednesday i am satying in Donosti, some of cousins are coming to visit us so perfect.
And o wednesday i am going to Malaga with my mum and grandmother so i am very happy, i hope you also have some great holidays:)
Minerva Serrano

Garazi said...

Minerva!!! I'm glad to hear from you!!!
You're so lucky! I wish I could go to Malaga and enjoy the sun, but no, I'm staying in Sopelana. I hope you have a great time with your cousins in Donosti and with your mum and granny in Malaga! You will tell us when we all come back to school!
And yes, the first positive point is for u!!! congrats! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank´s Garazi if you want I can bring some photos too :)
Minerva Serrano
PD: Enjoy the last week

Garazi said...

Yes, of course!
If you can, bring the pics in a pen-drive so that we can see them on the smart board and you can tell us about your holiday!

See u! ;)

Lorena Laín 2.B said...

Hi Garazi! Today, it´s the last day of this holidays, so I´m going to tell you where I went. The first week, I went to my village, Legaria, it´s a little village near Lizarra and I stayed there to the following Tuesday, that I went to Palencia in "autocarabana" with my family.
Good bye! :)
Lorena Laín 2.B :)

Amaia Escribano 2.B said...

Hi Garazi!
I'm gonna tell what I've done in holidays:
I went to Benalmádena, in Málaga the first week and the second I stayed in Mijas-Costa nearer to Marbella.
The most interesting I've done there was that I've gone to the Hard Rock Café ^^ I saw a lot of things that I loved!!
I've sunbathed too and I went few days to the beach, so, it has been quite good! :D

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi Garazi! Well, I went to the beach, to the mountains, i visited some beautiful places like smaal villages, i went with my friends to the cinema....I stayed in the mountains two days with my cousins, brothers, my uncle, and my mum. We went to Echo. I had great holidays:)
See you tomorrow!!
byeee, Julia Blasco 2.B

Garazi said...

Hello girls! I see you have had an amazing holiday and the first day of school has also been great with Mattin's tasty cake! Julia tomorrow tell me about Echo, I don't know where it is...

bye bye!;)