Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Real Sociedad is a football team from Donostia-San Sebastian.

Real Sociedad is a very good team, they have very good players, like Griezmann, De la Bella, Bravo...
but they also have other players, such as Nihat or Riesgo.

Real Sociedad stadium is Anoeta and it's in Amara.

Real Sociedad has won two leagues and this year Real Sociedad is in the 15th positon.

Real Sociedad has two equipments: the first one with a white and blue t-shirt and white short and the second one with a yellow t-shirt and the black shots.

Real Sociedad is better than Atheltic.

                                                GORA REAL!!!!!!

Maialen, Luis,Ainhoa and Mishel

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